Personalize your bathroom experience with THE SOAPPHARMACY.

Our natural products are suitable for all hair and skintypes, but you make your experience even more enjoyable, we have developed the products in different fragrances (hence the numbers). The numbers refer to specific countries, but that link is with a wink. We would like you to determine which fragrance you prefer and which memories it brings back.

Fragrance is a unique trigger for memories.

To get an impression of the fragrances, you can view the scent profiles, but we hope that you will experience the scents yourselve and thus will determine your preference.

If you want to experience the fragrances as pure as possible, we would recommend to experience the HairMist.
You can either try the HairMist in one of THE SOAPPHARMACY salons, perfumeries, stores or hotels or you can use the sample service on our website.

In addition to the various fragrances, there is also a perfume-free line (#000). The perfume- free collection contains a Shampoo, Conditioner and HandCream.

A fragrance is perceived differently by each individual. And it is also different, because it mixes with someone skin or hair. Therefore the fragrance will be different on each individual as a result of differences in skintype, the acidity of the skin, a person's diet and someone's health.