Good haircare

  • You should not comb your hair when it is still wet. Research has shown that the risk of damage to wet hair is much greater. This has to do with the fact that it can be pulled out easier when wet, because wet hair is more fragile and elastic. We recommend using a detangle brush and preferably brush your hair while a conditioner is in the hair, before rinsing it out.

  • If you colour your hair on a regular basis, please use a good quality colouring. Ask your hairdresser for advice and preferably use a professional colouring. Your hair will love you for it. Although colouring treatments are getting less aggressive, it is stil very important that you take extra good care of your hair by using an intensive conditioner on a regular basis or a conditioning masque treatment. You can use THE SOAPPHARMACY Conditioner as a masque by leaving it in for 8-10 minutes and then rinsing it out.

  • Wash your hair regularly, but not too often and always use Conditioner after shampooing your hair. When your hair feels greasy pretty quickly, please do not skip using a Conditioner, because a good Conditioner is essential for good haircare. You might want to try a different type of Conditioner (preferably without silicones). Shampoo opens the hair cuticles and cleanses the hair and scalp. A conditioner nourishes the hair and closes the cuticle again, which making the hair less vulnerable, colour will not fade as quickly and the hair will have more natural shine and elasticity. This may sound strange, but shampooing your hair too often stimulates the production of sebum on the scalp, leaving the hair greasy. When you decide to shampoo less often, you will experience some see disadvantages at first, but over time, your scalp will adapt and find it's balance.

  • Get regular haircuts. It is important to regularly cut your hair, even if it is just a little. This causes the hair to look fuller and shinier and you can avoid split ends from further cracking. Hair does not grow faster if it is regularly cut, but it looks much better.