We value quality, loyalty, enthusiasm, passion and (personal) development.

THE SOAPPHARMACY is a team of enthusiastic, client focused and skilled people who strive to service our clients as good as possible and develop their own skills and talents to get even better.

We also have great appreciation for our suppliers and partners that we work with.

THE SOAPPHARMACY works with a team of chemists and top international perfumers who share our passion for creating innovative, natural products of great quality. And this also applies to the other suppliers and partners thatg we work with.
THE SOAPPHARMACY's products are manufacturerd in the Netherlands and this is something that we are proud of.

We like to share our success.

We like to share our success with Stichting Hulphond. Hulphond Netherlands is Dutch the center of excellence for the training and use of service dogs for both the medical and therapeutic care. The foundation teaches dogs to master 70 skills to help people with physical disabilities or therapeutic needs. These are people with severe physical disabilities, epilepsy, trauma as well as children and young people with severe behavioral disorders, mental disabilities or Down's syndrome.